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Orphan Initialism

January 22, 2013

It is an extremely technical sounding set of words. But simply put, Orphan Initialism is when a company takes an acronym by which they are known that USED to stand for something and drops the actual meaning of the words so that their brand BECOMES the acronym. Below is a list of some of the most well know of the Orphan Initialized:1 AAA: Formerly the American Automobile Association. AARP: Formerly the American Association of Retired Persons. ACT Assessment: Formerly the American College Test. AT&T: Formerly American Telephone & Telegraph Co. FFA: Formerly Future Farmers of America. KFC: Formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken. SAT: Formerly Scholastic Assessment Test, and before that, Scholastic Aptitude Test. Initialism can be done for a variety of reasons and in most cases these Initialisms are long overdue and have been the company's de facto brand for long before the company officially adopts it. In the case of...

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K Street Revival

November 12, 2009

You can’t say ‘restaurant’ in Sacramento without saying Paragary’s. The two have gone hand in hand for longer than I have been alive, and Paragary’s Restaurant Group (PRG) latest foray into the restaurant business is simply swinging! I am not talking about the food, Paragary’s seldom misses on that mark, what I am talking about is the identity. The logo. Paragary’s has created a modern day “Rat Pack” feel right in the heart of Sacramento. Bottom line, Cosmo is cool! Without even setting a foot through its doors I already have a solid feeling of what kind of place it is. It is hip, swingin’, and a place that respects history, and I am guessing a place with one hell of a martini. The modern twist on the retro look and feel tells me I am in for a treat! But what is it that makes Cosmo so cool? The...

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