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A Stroke of Genius

October 24, 2012

I find this type of advertising refreshing. It is clever, honest and well done. What am I talking about? Its Playboy's latest ad campaign, titled "Pleasure in Your Hands". It is simple, so simple that anyone could have thought of it. But to have the guts to do it…that is something that not many people could have done. The audacity, even more so than the design, is what I admire the most about this campaign. Playboy is far from what has become "mainstream" pornography, yet it is still pornography; to embrace a well known yet rarely acknowledged application of said pornography is something with which our culture tends to have a problem. At least in public. I have no doubt that the men that have seen these ads have quickly sent links to all of their friends and had a great laugh, as well as perhaps a reminiscing to their...

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The Empire’s New Clothes

December 6, 2009

July 1st marked the beginning of Levis new campaign “Go Forth” which places a huge emphasis on American Exceptionalism, our fight for independence and manifest destiny. They have invited us to take part in the campaign, the illusion they have created (and make no mistake it is an illusion). They have declared us "generation denim"… The design is rough (intentionally) with lots of hand written text and it spans the gamut from print to web to video. It follows all the new dictums of branding, touch everyone everywhere. Technically, with few exceptions, the campaign is astonishing. It is visually beautiful, inspirational, and conceptually rich. Levi’s (or more aptly their agency Wieden + Kennedy) has co-opted the voice of Walt Whitman to tell us that we are pioneers (if we wear Levis). The design strikes an emotional chord. It is not an appeal to rationalism, it is an attempt to link...

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