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K Street Revival

November 12, 2009

You can’t say ‘restaurant’ in Sacramento without saying Paragary’s. The two have gone hand in hand for longer than I have been alive, and Paragary’s Restaurant Group (PRG) latest foray into the restaurant business is simply swinging! I am not talking about the food, Paragary’s seldom misses on that mark, what I am talking about is the identity. The logo. Paragary’s has created a modern day “Rat Pack” feel right in the heart of Sacramento. Bottom line, Cosmo is cool! Without even setting a foot through its doors I already have a solid feeling of what kind of place it is. It is hip, swingin’, and a place that respects history, and I am guessing a place with one hell of a martini. The modern twist on the retro look and feel tells me I am in for a treat! But what is it that makes Cosmo so cool? The...

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